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How can we know whether one is striving for the Self?

Questioner: How can we know whether one is striving for the Self?


Dadashri: We can know by looking at his attributes. If any of his attributes are conducive towards further bondage then you will know. A true aspirant is one who does sadhana only for the Soul and nothing else. None of his actions create bondage. Unfortunately, due to the current time cycle, today's sadhus cannot be like this. They are faced with ongoing kashayas, inner negativities for true sadhana; anger, pride, deceit and greed. They leave behind their wife and children; they undergo the rituals of penance and renunciation. They earn some spiritual benefits worth say one hundred points (binding merit karma) when they do samayik and pratikraman, but if they have a disagreement with one of the disciples, they get upset and end up losing one hundred and fifty points (binding demerit karma). Therefore these sadhus bind karmas. A real sadhu will never bind karmas; his sadhana is exclusively for the Soul. Only such a sadhu can attain moksha, the siddha state.

And these worldly sadhus get angry at even the slightest provocation! So these are not sadhus but tyagis (those who renounce). They are called sadhus today but you can openly see the anger in them. In fact you can even hear it! What kind of anger is it when you can hear it?

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