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What are the qualities of an Upaadhyaya?

Questioner: 'Namo oovazayanam…'


Dadashri: This obeisance refers to the upaadhyayas. Who are the upaadhyayas? They are those beings who are Self realized and are studying the scriptures and teaching the same to others. It is to such upaadhyayas, that we send our obeisance. Upaadhyaya means they have understood everything however their conduct is not yet perfect. They can be of Vaishav, Shiv or any other religion. The sadhus of today (ascetics and renunciates) do not fall in this category; they are not Self-realized. Once Self-Realization occurs, all anger, pride, deceit and greed leave; no such weaknesses would remain. If one were to insult them, they would not exhibit any anger. Would the sadhus of today get angry if insulted? Anger can never be accepted at this level.

Questioner: You say that the upaadhyayas have the knowledge, what knowledge are you talking about?

Dadashri: Upaadhyaya means they have the knowledge of the Soul; they also have awareness of their obligations, they even have knowledge of right conduct, but despite this, right conduct is not assimilated completely in their behavior. And because the right conduct has not come to perfection, they remain at the level of upadhyaya. Thus they themselves are in the process of learning and they teach others at the same time.

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