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What is the advantage or benefit of reciting the Trimantra?

Questioner: But what is the advantage in reciting all the three mantras together?


Dadashri: The existing difficulties of life go away! The incoming difficulties in life are reduced. If you have a problem but have connection with the right people or know the right people, will your problems not be easily solved? For example, if you are in violation of certain minor laws and the policeman is your friend; wouldn't you be able to go free?

Questioner:  But what is the advantage in reciting all the three mantras together?

Dadashri: This Trimantra comprises the mantras of the Jain, of the Vasudev, and the Shiv; they are all put together. If you want protection or help from the celestial devas, you have to say all the three mantras together. There are celestial protectors and guardians for each mantra who can help you. The Trimantra is an instrument to please each mantra's respective celestial protectors.

There are always celestial protectors behind each religion. By reciting this mantra, we please these deities and hence your obstacles are removed. If you have any difficulties in life, reciting all the three mantras together will soften them. This mantra is the solution to reduce the effects of your past karmas that are unfolding. This mantra gradually leads you towards the spiritual path.

The force and the impact of an unfolding karma that was meant to be 'sixteen annas' worth becomes four annas (division of a rupee), i.e. it is reduced significantly. By reciting this mantra, the incoming difficulties become light, and peace prevails.

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