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Is God responsible for everything in this world?

People believe that God is their superior and that if they were to pray to him, he will free them from everything, but there is no superior. You yourself are your superior. You are your own protector and your own destroyer. You are whole and sole responsible for yourself. You are the only boss. Absolutely no one can meddle in this. The reason that you have a superior over you is because of your mistakes. You will have to destroy these mistakes, will you not?

If you want absolute independence and freedom, then you will have to destroy all your mistakes. You can only realize and see your mistakes upon discovering who you really are. This happens when you become Self Realized.

Every living being in this universe is the Lord of this universe. It is because of your ignorance of your Real Self that you live life like a struggling creature. He that has no sense of ownership of his own body is the owner of the entire universe. This whole universe belongs to you. To understand this is liberation. Why then do you still not understand this? It is because you are still bound by your own mistakes.

I have no superior over me. There is absolutely no one above you up there, only you. There is no one to impose any punishment on you, nor is there anyone to grant you life. You yourself are responsible for your birth and for the cycle of your birth and death. All these 'contracts' and 'agreements' are yours.

If you asked me whether anyone was capable of interfering in your life I would give you categorical no no, no! If you ask me whether I have any superior over me, again I would give you categorical no, no, no! Your superiors are your mistakes and your blunder. How can you destroy them? You have to come to me. I will destroy the blunder and I will show you the way to destroy the mistakes.

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