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How can I deal with my intellect, it keeps showing me faults of others?

Questioner: You mean the fault is entirely ours and no one else's?

Dadashri: Yes. You will not accomplish anything unless you pacify your intellect. The intellect will be pacified if you see faults in others but it will also be pacified if you see others as faultless and see your own faults. There is no other way to pacify the intellect.

Questioner: So that fault is somewhere. That means that if the fault is not with the other person, then it must be here within me?

Dadashri: Yes. That's the only difference.

Questioner: Now I understand how others are without any fault.

Dadashri: What does the intellect want? The intellect seeks closure. It wants to be still. It will become pacified when you put the blame on someone else, regardless of what consequences doing this entails or it will also be pacified if you place the blame on yourself. The latter way of pacification and stillness of the intellect is a way to liberation.

The intellect will become still either way, but that stillness should not come from blaming others. If you place the blame on yourself, your problems will be solved and the intellect will also be stilled.

This false use of intellect is what complicates and entangles the world. This is what prevents one from detecting one's own mistakes, and quickly brings forth many mistakes of the others. Those in whom the intellect does not arise have no problems whatsoever. There are so many animals and other such living beings on this earth and none of them complain. Only man complains, because the intellect arises.

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