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Absolute Vision (Tatvadrashti) of The Enlightened One.

He that destroys a single of his mistakes is considered God. There are many people who will point out your mistakes, but none can destroy them for you. One should know how to point out mistakes. If you do not know how to show others their mistakes, you should consider it your own mistake. It is a task of great magnitude to be able to show a person his mistakes. In addition to showing a person his mistake, when he can destroy that mistake, it is God.Only the Gnani Purush can accomplish such a task.

In this world, I simply cannot see anyone as having faults.Even a pickpocket or a person of immoral character, is faultless in my Vision. My Vision is established on the Real Self within all living beings. This is the absolute vision (tatvadrashti). I do not look at the packing. There are infinite varieties of packing. I see only the Real.

I attained this total faultless vision first, and thereafter I saw the entire world as absolutely faultless. This is why only the Gnani Purush is able to destroy your mistakes. It is not the work for anyone else.

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