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What is Om and meditation of Om (aum/Omkar) ?

Exact understanding of Om

Questioner: Dada, what is Om?

Dadashri: Om is to recite the Navkar mantra with a focused concentration (ekagrata). To recite the Navkar mantra with the awareness of 'I am pure Soul' is Om kar bindu sanyuktam.

 'Om kar bindu sanyuktam, nityam dyayanti yoginah
Kaamdum mokshadum chaiva, Omkar namo namah.'

'The constant meditation on the full Omkar Mantra by the yogi leads to worldly as well as spiritual prosperity. I bow to the Omkara.'

When the Navkar mantra is recited with a sincere heart then the Omkar is recited very nicely and it reaches all the Parmeshti Bhagwans. Even by simply reciting 'Om' it reaches the Panch Parmeshti and even when you recite the Navkar mantra it reaches the Panch Parmeshti Bhagwans. 'We' have kept the three mantras together in order to get rid of all enmity in the heart of humans. This is so because the state of true impartiality arises after only one becomes a pure Soul. The awareness of 'I am a pure Soul' is same as the Omkar bindu Sanyuktam. And liberation is the end result of this awareness.

Elsewhere, wherever they practice the Omkar, doing so is a necessity for them. Because as long as the real truth has not been attained, one has to take the support of something that is tangible. From the subtle perspective, the Gnani Purush is considered Om. Om includes anyone that has attained the knowledge of the Self to anyone who has become the absolute Self; they are all called Om. Beyond that comes liberation. When is liberation attained? Only when one becomes Omkar bindu sanyuktam. Here when 'we' give you the Self, You become Omkar bindu sanyuktam, and once You become that, You will attain liberation. No one in the world can prevent or hinder your liberation once this happens.

The Navkar mantra is considered sanyast mantra- a mantra for those who have renounced. As long as one is involved in the worldly life, he should recite all the three mantras together; the Navkar mantra, Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya and Namah Shivaya. And once a person renounces the worldly life, he may recite just the Navkar mantra alone but here people adhere to just the Navkar even before renouncing the worldly life.

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