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Who suffers the most?

Dadashri:  The one who has more faults is the one who suffers more in the world. You merely have to see who is suffering to know who is at fault.

You can determine how much you were at fault by the amount of suffering you have to endure.

In a household of ten people, some of the members do not even think about how the household expenses are being met. Some think about helping but only two, end up helping. They all manage to sleep peacefully at night except one of the members who has constant anxiety about running the household. He is the one who is at fault because he is suffering the most, while the others sleep peacefully without any worries.

Who is at fault ? Find out who is suffering. If a servant breaks ten teacups in the home, it will affect some people in the home. The children in the house would not care, so they do not suffer. The parents get annoyed but even then, the mother manages to fall asleep. The father calculates his loss, ''Ten times five means I have lost fifty rupees.' He remains alert about things and that is why he suffers the most. From this, you understand who is at fault.

One does not even have to look for mistakes. One only has to use the statement, "The fault is of the sufferer" as a gauge. If you continue to analyze situations in this way, you will progress spiritually and attain liberation.

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