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When will my suspicions leave?

Questioner: I am not saying that I have become free from suspicions, but suspicion does not arise within.


Dadashri:  Yes, they may not arise, that is a different matter. You will feel that way for a certain period of time. Then when difficulties come, suspicions will arise again. Does anything ever remain the same? Just as day and night keep changing, time keeps changing, circumstances will constantly change.

Therefore when will man's suspicions leave? They will leave when he becomes vitarag (free from all attachments) and nirbhay (fearless). Otherwise, suspicions will not leave. As long as there is peace, it will appear to be comforting and easy. When external problems arise, turmoil and restlessness begins.

Reference: Book Name: Aptavani 9 (Page #140 - Paragraphs #6,#7,#8)

Solution for suspicions 

No man can be free from suspicion. When my mother was alive, there were moments when I would get off the train at Baroda station, I would have thoughts like, ‘What if mother died suddenly today? How am I even going to enter the home?’ I used to have such suspicions. All kinds of suspicions can arise in a man. But I studied all this from all the angles and concluded that it all mounted to nothing. This world is not such that one should have any suspicions.

Questioner: Even I become suspicious when I get a phone call from India, ‘What if something happened to mother?’

Dadashri: But suspicion does not help at all. It causes misery. One never knows when an elderly person may die. Are you able to save them? If suspicion is going to arise, keep doing a vidhi (special inner spiritual adjustment) to the pure Soul of that person, as follows: ‘Dear pure Soul within the (name of the person concerned), which is separate from his dravya (discharge) karma, bhaav (charge) karma and nokarma (neutral), please grant peace to him.’ Do this vidhi before suspicion arises. If suspicion arises then change it around with this vidhi.

Vyavasthit eliminates suspicion 

The world is miserable from suspicions. Suspicions can take a human being to a lower life form. Nothing is to be gained from suspicions. According to the law of vyavasthit, no one can destroy anything so why are you meddling needlessly by becoming suspicious. Vyavasthit means whatever ‘is’, is and whatever ‘is not’, is not. Whatever ‘is’, is not going to become ‘is not’ and what ‘is not’, is not going to become ‘is’. Your meddling is not going to change anything. Therefore, become suspicious-less. After attaining this Gnan, you have become suspicious-free in matters of the Soul; the awareness that you have attained is verily the Soul and everything else is a discharge of past karmas.

Reference: Book Name: Aptavani 9 (Page #98 - Entire page)

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