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Should parents exercise the fear of power over their children?

Questioner : Your words have such a strong impact on our lives. That which could not be solved by our intellect and efforts, is solved by your words.


Dadashri : These are words that touch the heart. Words that touch the heart are inspirational, like motherly love. A certified father is he who can touch his children's hearts with his words.

Questioner: These children will not listen so easily and accept our words.

Dadashri: Would they listen to harsh authoritative words then? Such a tone in words does not help.

Questioner: They do listen, but only after a lot of explaining is done.

Dadashri : That is all right. It is quite normal. The reason why you have to explain to them is because you yourself do not understand. An understanding person needs to be explained only once. But do they understand when you do a lot of explaining?

Questioner : Yes.

Dadashri : That is the best way. You want to make them understand in whatever way you can. When you use force or authority, you are acting as though you are the only father in this world.

How should a father behave towards his children? A father should never exercise the fear of power over his children or be overly strict.

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