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How can one become free from suspicion?

Questioner: I do not want to be suspicious about anyone, but despite this, if it occurs, how can I become free from it?


Dadashri: If that occurs, you have to invoke the pure Self of that person and ask for forgiveness. You should do pratikraman for that. These doubts and suspicions arise because of mistakes you made in your previous lifetime.

Questioner: Whatever we have to suffer due to unfolding of our karma (udayakarma), does it decrease if we do pratikraman?

Dadashri: It will decrease. And 'You' do not have to suffer it. 'You' have to tell 'Chandubhai' to do pratikraman, then it will go down. However much pratikraman you do, it will decrease by that much. Then there will not be anymore problems.

It is due to unfolding of karma that everyone has come together. Neither the gnani nor an agnani (non-Self-realized) person can change it. So why should one incur two losses?

Questioner: You said it right, Dada; that this world has been this way from the beginning.

Dadashri: There is nothing more to this. It appears otherwise because it has been covered up. And then suspicion is the venom that kills. So if suspicion arises, do not let it and do pratikraman. When you reach a state where you will no longer have to do any pratikraman, that will be the state where no one will ever have any doubts or suspicions about you. You will attain a suspicion-free (nihshank) state.

The moment you have the slightest bad thought about anyone, wash it away immediately with pratikraman. If these thoughts are allowed to linger even a short while, they will reach the other person and proliferate. They can grow in a matter of hours and continue for days. You should not allow your vibrations to flow in this way.

Questioner: What should we do for that? 

Dadashri: You should immediately erase them with pratikraman. If you cannot do pratikraman, then recall Dada, or whichever God you believe in, and say it in short, 'This thought that I am having is not right and it is not mine.'

If you are walking alone at night and fear arises that you might get mugged, or if in a forest a thought arises about encountering a tiger, you should do pratikraman for this. The moment suspicion (shanka) arises it will ruin everything. Do not let suspicion arise. Do not allow yourself to become suspicious of any living being. Suspicion brings nothing but suffering.

The moment you have suspicion you should make 'Chandulal' do pratikraman. You are the Lord of this universe so how can suspicion come to You? Suspicion may arise because we are human beings, but you should do instant pratikraman for this mistake.

*Chandubhai =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandubhai' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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