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How long does fear exist?

The gluttonous intense greed (lalacha) will disappear once he makes a resolution, 'I do not want any temporary things of this world.' Otherwise this intense greed in itself is a risk, is it not? Action is not the risk; avarice and gluttony are. It is a different thing when you say, 'I do not want anything temporary in this world', and then you accept it if it comes to you naturally. Excess gluttonous greed is rare amongst 'us' (Dadashri's mahatmas). Such greed will not let you progress in the Gnan.


Questioner: Will this intense greed (lalacha) persist even after one attains this Gnan?

Dadashri: It may persist in a rare individual.

Questioner: How can one become free from these avarices (lalacha) if he wants to?

Dadashri: If he resolves to be rid of it, then it will leave. One should become free from lalacha, should one not? It is for one's own benefit, isn't it? Once you make a firm decision (nischaya) that you want to be free from lalacha, you will become free and you will experience happiness. One has fear of losing happiness. On the contrary, you will become even happier and experience bliss once you are free of lalacha.

Questioner: But a person cannot get that benefit until the fear of losing the pleasure leaves, can he? As long as the fear exists, it will not allow him to make that resolution (nischaya), will it? He will not be inclined to leave the greed will he?

Dadashri: So the intense greed will not leave because of fear. And he has fear, 'This pleasure of mine will go away.' Why don't you let it go? Only then will that bliss arrive.

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