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What is the power of Sheel that arises from purity? What are the qualities of its aura power?

Power of Worldly Interactive Conduct of a Sheelvan

The aura of influence (prabhav) of Sheel is such that no one in this world can dare harm such a person. If gold rings were adorned on every finger, gold jewellery was worn from head to toe, and a Sheelvaan came across bandits, then the bandits would see it all, but none of them would dare touch him! This world is not worth being afraid at all. Whatever fear you experience is the effect of your own mistakes. This is what I have come to reveal to the world. People think this world is not precise. 

If you do not interfere with anyone, there is absolutely nothing that anyone can do to you. I can give you this guarantee in writing.

One who is flawless will not be harassed even in a village of outlaws! There is that much aura of influence and power (prataap) in a Sheel. Who in this entire world can ever harass a Sheelvaan-Charitravaan! The Self is the owner of this whole world. Hey! This ownership is so independent that no one can even harm a single hair on your head!

People who lack conduct will immediately be impressed when they see a person with conduct (Charitravaan). One will be immediately impressed upon seeing the good qualities of someone else, when those qualities are lacking within himself. An angry person will even be impressed upon seeing a calm person. If your aura of influence (prabhav) has begun to be felt in this world, and there you start looking for sex, then what would happen? If a teacher were to ask his students to bring him vegetables and gifts, then would his aura of influence last? This verily is called ‘vishaya’. The prabhav (impact of the aura) of a Sheelvaan Purush (a man of pure conduct and character) is such that if someone comes with the intention of cursing him, the moment that person sees him, not a single word will come out of his mouth. That is the prabhav of the Self! Prabhav (power of aura) means that people become inspired towards a higher intent just upon looking at such a person. After Gnan, one’s prabhav increases. As prabhav increases further, it is called charitra (conduct of purity). When the prabhav goes very high, the person is called Charitravaan.

How can one Recognize a Charitravaan?

Questioner: Dada, what is charitrabada (energy and effect of conduct)? Who is considered Charitravaan?

Dadashri: There are only two things in charitrabada; one is brahmacharya (prevailing effect of absence of any sexual impulse in mind, speech and body) and the other is not hurting anyone in the slightest. When these two are multiplied, then charitrabada arises.

What are the two main things in worldly interaction conduct (vyavahar charitra)? One is the end of sexuality (vishaya). Which vishaya? The sexual world with woman (for a man, and vice versa for a woman). And what is the other vishaya? It is related to money (lakshmi). Charitra cannot exist where there is interaction of lakshmi (money, wealth).

Questioner: How is it that charitra cannot exist where there is money?

Dadashri: It cannot be referred to as charitra at all, can it? When money comes, then all interactions are conducted with money. ‘We’ (the Gnani Purush) cannot take any money.

How can you recognize what charitrabada (energy of charitra) is? The answer is that you are not to see anything else, like whether he is wearing a saffron-colored garb or a white garb. Charitrabada is recognized from the bhasha (the speech that connects) that expresses through him. As the charitrabada increases, it gives its evident result readily.

Speech in worldly interactions is an indicator of charitrabada. That speech is sweet and melodious, it hurts no one, it never leads to a hurtful reaction, and it does not result in any conflict. When the speech comes out such that no one is hurt even in the slightest degree, then it is all charitra only. A person’s conduct can be assessed by his speech.

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