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What are the signs of pure money? What are the consequences of impure or wrong money?

If the money is pure and right, then you will always be at peace and your life will be good. Clashes in the homes are caused by entry of impure and wrong money. From a very young age I had decided that as far as possible impure and wrong money must not enter my home. For the past sixty-six years not a trace of impure money has entered my home and that is why there has never been any clashes in my home. We had decided from the very beginning that we would run the household within a certain budget. The business may make hundreds of thousands of rupees but if this Ambalal Patel were to work for someone, how much would he earn? He would earn anywhere between six to seven hundred rupees at the most. Business is a play of merit and demerit karma and so we should spend only the amount I would draw as a salary if I were employed elsewhere. The rest of the money would be retained in the business for unforeseen events like taxes. One never knows when an ‘attack’ from an income tax authority will come and if all the money is spent, the attack from the tax office will cause you to have a heart attack! Have such attacks not entered all the homes? How can we call this life? What do you think? Is this not a mistake? We need to break this mistake. 

Let money flow in naturally. Do not use it as a support. Never rest and think that it will be there forever. Proceed with caution of this awareness so that when it leaves you will not suffer.

Questioner: Describe the fragrance of pure money, please. 

Dadashri: Pure money will never bring a trace of stress or tension. There will be enough money in the home. Your mind will be at peace even if someone announces that sugar is going to be rationed starting the next day. Nothing will cause stress or tension to you in the home. The existing merit karma effect is such that your actions and speech will be pleasant towards everyone around you. It will never incite worries in you about how you will earn money. 

Here what we have all around us is the money of the wrong kind, which will lead to sin and demerit karma. This cannot be called money in the true sense. The thoughts that arise with such money are evil, and of demerit. The thoughts are, 'How can I accumulate a big bank balance?' That is sin.

Some people ask me, ‘Did the landlords in the past have such pure money?’ Yes, they did. Their money accumulated naturally. They did not have to accumulate it whereas people today are struggling to accumulate it. The pure money of the past came in naturally, even when they begged the Lord for it not to come. Even when they said they wanted spiritual wealth not material wealth, the money would still flow in their direction. That is the merit karma, which brings pure money.

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