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Who is a Sheelvaan? What are the characteristics of the speech of a Sheelvan and a Charitravaan?

Power of Words of a Sheelvan

All the knowledge of this world is shushkagnan (knowledge that does not produce any spiritual results). If there is a rare person with purity in sexual matters, then despite having shushkagnan (intellect based scriptural knowledge without the experience of the Self) there will be power in his words (vachanbada).

The words of the one with Sheel will work, but the words of anyone else will not work. If one has the slightest thought of sexuality just for one day, his words will not work. If he has a thought about money for just one day, his words will not work, because that is considered a leakage.

Tremendous harm happens within a person for lying just one time, very heavy harm happens; but he is not aware of this. He takes on so much harm to protect the self. Grave harm ensues with a single act of stealing, but one has no awareness of this. One does not know where one incurs a loss. This harm is taking place at a subtle level. Consequently, his aura (prataap), his Sheelvaan state gets squandered. A person sells out the wealth of Sheel. Such a man will not have any natural influence on others.

My words are such that they have power (vachanbada). They are the words of the Sheelvaan Purush.These are the words of the One who, for twenty seven years, has not been the owner of the body, not the owner of the mind, not the owner of the speech.

Words have power. It is because whatever is one’s Sheel, whatever is his charitra (purity in worldly interaction, especially sexual purity); there is that much power and energy! Complete morality, complete sincerity; that is considered charitra. Complete morality, it should not lack by even one percent. Complete sincerity, not lacking even by one percent. Everything is acceptable indeed, where there is such charitra

Sheelvaan is the One whose words do not hurt anyone in the slightest, whose conduct does not hurt anyone in the slightest, and who does not have a single negative intent in the mind. Power and energy of words (vachanbada) cannot arise without Sheel. 

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