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Why negative things happened with me? How positive energy and negative energy play their roles?

What is the energy that controls the results?

Questioner:  My life was very happy with my wife, I don’t know why God took her away from me at the age of twenty-eight? I have no way of connecting with her. Why would God do such a thing?

Dadashri: It is like this, If you want to take off the rust from a piece of iron, do you not have to heat it and then keep beating it to bring it back to its original state?

Questioner:  Yes, that is how it gets cleaned.

Dadashri: Similarly the beatings that human beings get in their life make them clean. Do you understand? Otherwise, if your wife was alive then it will go on just like that. Then you would not look for medicine.

Questioner:  You said it right Dadaji, when she was alive I used to read all which a non believer reads and all my writings were related to the same. I used to throw a religious book away feeling that it was wrong interference in my life.

Dadashri: If you do not take a medicine the disease remains and may even increase. This that is happening to you is the taking of the medicine.

Questioner:  I was not religious yet I was not in this much turmoil in that situation Dada, as much I am right now.

Dadashri: You were fine as you say, but would you not get disturbed when divisiveness due to difference in opinions (matabheda) happened with her? You might have got into matabheda with her at least some day, didn’t you?

Questioner:  Very rarely, it may have happened once in a while. And it did not last more than one to two days.

Dadashri: Yes, but in reality it is like this. If you receive just a letter claiming and accusing you, that ‘you have done this,’ even then you will have an effect. You will feel the effects. This whole body complex is effective.

Questioner:  At that time Dada, my approach used to be such that if I get into any trouble or anything major arose then I was able to get through it. I was able to overcome that. So that confidence, probably you can call an ego, it is verily an ego. And I was not used to experience the slightest restlessness, or trouble or anything like that. My life was smooth. Whatever happened, I definitely managed to overcome that, but here I lost and took a great beating.

Dadashri: This life, which we live, has two kinds of results. When there is a positive result at that time everything happens according to your wish, whatever you have ‘willed’ (dharyoon). Even if you throw it all wrong the right thing will happen.

So you will continue to meet with all the evidences. Circumstances will continue to come together, according to your wish. However when negative comes, at that moment everything will happen against your wish. So these positive and negative energies are playing roles. You have to remain under subservient to these two energies.

Reference: Dadavani Magazine Sep 2009  (Entire Page #2, Page #3 - Paragraph #1) 

The effects of positive and negative

Questioner:  We are AtmaSoul. If we really are the Self and we are not saying anything to—disturbing—these positive and negative energies, then why do they harass us?

Dadashri: But if you become the Self and become who you really are in the original state, then positive and negative energies will not touch you, affect you. But right now you have not become the Self.

Questioner:  These positive and negative which happens, is it an illusion or does it happen due to egoism?

Dadashri: No, it is not an illusion. It is a fact. Everything keeps happening according to your will. Whatever you will, everything happens accordingly. You throw in a wrong direction, even then it turns right, such is the nature of positive and at another time, such a negative time arises that you try everything, even if you throw in a right direction still it will turn wrong.

Reference: Dadavani Magazine Sep 2009 (Page #3 - Paragraph #2 to #5) 

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