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After Self Realization, does life turn toward positive?

Awareness is that which shows one’s own fault

Questioner: After attaining self realization (Gnan) awareness comes, which gradually transforms the whole life.

Dadashri: Yes, transformation comes.

Questioner: That is the experience of Soul.

Dadashri: Exactly. That is it.

Questioner: One becomes positive as the transformation comes.

Dadashri: One starts seeing their own faults. There are so many people in this world, but no one can see their own fault. They easily find faults in others, whereas here one sees their own fault.

Questioner: Yes, one does see their own fault !

Dadashri: Everything is seen, everything.

Questioner: Then if the good or bad, right or wrong, starts coming into observation, that is called the experience of Soul, right?

Dadashri: One gets to know everything, one can observe everything, that is Soul.

Reference: Book Name: Aptavani 14 Part 4 (Page #344 - Paragraph #11 to #13,  Page #345 - Paragraph #1 to #7)  

You have attained the science so accomplish this

This is an extraordinary science. This is not any religion, this is a science (vignan). This gives immediate fruit (result). Therefore, ‘we’ are saying ‘get Your work done (of moksha)’.

What a wonder of this Akram Vignan is that it turns a person on the positive side. It can take millions of life times for a person to come towards a positive side. When can it end by getting rid of negative slowly and slowly?

Questioner: It may take as much time, as one has taken to keep filling the negative.

Dadashri: All that time will be spent in only that. And one met with the friends too who have negativity. One met relatives and loved ones, friends, all with wrong circumstances; with negativity.

Questioner: All in negativity.

Dadashri: That entire part of negativity is gone. Is that an ordinary thing? As long as one has dehadhyas (the belief ‘I am *Chandubhai’); he will be on the negative side only. All negativities are gone. To have a slightest bad thought about a person; is also negative. If someone curses you and if you have a bad thought about him that is also considered negative. That too does not apply on to that person. It reaches the God within. There is a God residing in him, does He not? One is taking so many responsibilities. That is why, ‘we’ are saying that You have got this science in Your hand, so finish it and get Your work done. There is no problem if you are drinking tea. You are eating fritters (bhajiya) at the railway station; that too is not a problem. But keep this much in your awareness that whatever this stock is, it is worth getting Your work done completely. And moreover, it has come into our experience that, this does not go on in the negative anymore.

Reference: Dadavani Magazine May 2012 (Page #26 - Paragraph #3 & #4, Page #27 - Paragraph #1 to #4) 

What are the causes that create negativity in worldly life? When one feels slighted when something does not happen as per his plan, when one’s respect is not maintained properly, when one’s expectation in illusory attachment is not met, and when someone ruins or destroys that which is held to be of value; then negativity arises. The one who wants to become free has to find out the reasons for the multiplication of the negatives and then divide them through positives; and furthermore eradicate them through Gnan—knowledge of the Self attained in the Gnan Vidhi of Dadashri. Then only the tubers of doership, pride, illusory attachment and greed would dissolve and this will bring forth peace in life, lets one progress in the path of liberation.

Just as a coin has two sides, there are two kinds of results in daily worldly life interactions: a positive and a negative. Any positive line is towards God-divinity and any negative line is towards devil-evil. Negativity will give unhappiness and positivity will give happiness in life. The Self is towards positive and intellect is towards negative. The one whose mind attains the state of continuous positivity all the time is verily a God. Negativity will waste your time in worldly matters, will create entanglements, will not let you experience happiness and come out of the worldly life. The negativity will break automatically if one remains positive in worldly life, instead of wasting time in destroying negativity. That is why Gnani Purush Dadashri says ‘Remain positive in worldly interaction (vyavahar), do not become negative.’ If you remain positive, then any worldly obstacles will not affect you.

The correct understanding regarding positive and negative is available in the divine speech of Dadashri. This allows one to remain in normality in time of expectation or disappointment, rise or fall, happiness or unhappiness in life; and attain true satisfaction, and make life worthwhile. Dadashri gives this scientific principle: ‘Adopt one principle in the life; always remain positive, never support negative. Whenever any negativity arises then remain silent.’    

Reference: Dadavani Magazine Sep 2009 (Page #1 - Paragraph #2 to #4)

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