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What should be the limits of negative thoughts?

There is an abundance of energy inside. He says that I can’t do it, and then the outcome will be such. This negativity has killed the people. This people have been killed only because this negative winding.

See, how much do they think up to? If the shop hasn’t profited in twelve months, then there will be a bankruptcy. And if the bankruptcy will be this way, then my situation will be that way. These people think all the way up to this! What do they think up to? Then one person tells me, ‘How can anything work without thinking? How can this world run without thinking?’ Then I told him, “If you are sitting next to a driver in Bombay city and ask him, ‘What are you thinking about? I will go this way, I will do this, I will do that, are you thinking like that? What does he do’?” No one thinks that way. So each person should think up to certain limit only, then they should stop their thoughts, about everything. So when we are thinking about death, we stop immediately. But when we are talking about business, we don’t. How do you feel?

Questioner:  That is true. There must be a limit to thoughts.

Dadashri: He knows how to stop it. It is not like he doesn’t know how to stop. He is playing in the non-Self only. He is being run by the ‘bag of intellect.’ If my son is fighting with me now, then who would I have when I become old? ‘Hey you mooah! You thought up something this far?’ Only about today, God has said not to think about tomorrow. “Think for today, not for tomorrow.” And that too, you should think only about certain things. If you are sitting in a car, and think what will happen if I crash? What will happen if I crash? Leave it alone, that thought should be stopped. He actually thinks, ‘That his shop has come to bankruptcy,’ and further thinks, ‘I would have to beg in the flee market.’ He will also tell his wife, ‘I will have to beg.’ Now mooah (the one who is continuously dying)! Where did you ‘see’ this, that you are now expressing? He would say, ‘I came up with this thought.’ Now, this bag of intellect! (akkal no kothdo). Should we call him an intellectual? Wise-intelligent is the one who continuously finds a safe side. If one breaches a safe side, how can one be considered intelligent? Intelligent is when one takes care of the safe side all the way.

So, if a person understands on how much to think, then it is enough. Much pain will be alleviated. And second, if ‘fault is of the sufferer,’ is established then much pain (dukha) will be alleviated. Third ‘avoid clashes,’ then much pain will be reduced.

Reference: Dadavani Magazine Sep 2009 (Page #14 -  Paragraph #3 to #7,  Page #15 - Paragraph #1) 

Negative buddhi, positive Atma

Atma is positive and the buddhi is negative. It makes you think like it is not allowing to happen this way and it is not allowing to happen that way. You are not to see what it does not allow to happen, you are to see what it allows. Then it will continue helping you from all the sides from within.

Therefore, buddhi will waste your time and will not allow happiness to arise within you. And when you say, ‘Bless this day, there is nothing unfinished for me.’ When Shrimad Rajchandra had …. He said, ‘Hail to this one blessed day.’

Therefore, we do not have any negative talk here, everything is positive. Negative is all worldly talk, it wastes your time. It will confuse you and not allow happiness come to you.

Reference: Book Name: Aptavani 10 (U) (Page #92 - Paragraph #4 to #6)

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