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How to be Positive ?

Profit even during the time of loss through enlightened view

Lord Mahavira taught His disciples that when they went out, if people hit them with a stick, they were to take it as, ‘At least it is only a stick; the hand is not broken. The hand is spared.’ They were to consider that much of a benefit. If someone breaks one arm, he has to be grateful that at least he did not break the other one also. If both hands get cut off, they should say that at least they have their legs. If both the arms and both the legs are cut off, they should say at least they are alive and at least able to see. The Lord has shown you the way to look at benefit-loss (benefit – laabha and loss – alaabha). Do not cry; be happy. There is nothing wrong with that; is there? The Lord Mahavira saw with an enlightened view (samyak drashti) through which one ‘sees’ benefits even in adverse circumstances.

If he curses you then you should take it (credit it). You should not create negativity; you should take it as positive. Negative verily exists in the world. We should keep positive but you should not get fed up of the negative.

Reference: Dadavani Magazine Sep 2009 (Page #26 - Paragraph #2 & #3) 

The reason of unhappiness is lack of understanding

Some people have no effect if they lose two thousand rupees. Can such thing happen or not? There is no pain that is caused by or dependant on the effect of karma udayakarma. All pain and misery is due to one’s ignorance only.

Some people remain unperturbed even if their warehouse burns down and they do not have any insurance. They would appear tranquil both on the outside and inside, while some display panic and fear inside and out. That is all ignorance and lack of understanding. The warehouse was destined to burn. Nothing new is happening. No matter how much you punish yourself, nothing would have changed the outcome.

Questioner: Should we calmly accept the outcome of anything?

Dadashri: Yes. You must take everything positively. And you can only see the positive in any situation if you have Gnan. If not, the intellect (buddhi), which always looks at the negative, will takeover. The whole world suffers. Everyone thrashes around like fish out of water. How can you call this a life?

Reference: Dadavani Magazine Feb 2010 (Page #8 - Paragraph #4 to #8)

Miseries exist due to negativity

Questioner: Is it not considered a role of mind to take the result of anything in a good light?

Dadashri: To take the positive is the function of the mind. But even then if one has Gnan then only he will take positive. Otherwise one will see negative only. This whole world is miserable. The whole world is struggling like fish struggling to survive. In spite of having his own factories, he is struggling in misery. Therefore it is necessary to understand.

It is necessary to know the art of living life. There is an art of living life. Everybody does not want moksha. But there should be an art of living life. Let there be an illusory attachment (moha) but above the moha, know at least the art of living life. How should one live life? One is wandering for happiness, then, is there happiness in conflict? Conflict, on the contrary, brings unhappiness even under the circumstance of happiness. One wanders for happiness and brings unhappiness. If one knows the art of living life then he will not feel unhappiness. If there is pain (dukha) he will get rid of it.

Reference: Dadavani Magazine Sep 2009 (Page #18 -  Paragraph #8 to #10, Page #19 - Paragraph #1) 

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