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If one doesn’t worry about the future, then how will it work? Why not to worry about tomorrow?

Who Remembers the Past Now?

Questioner: How can we afford not to worry about tomorrow?

Dadashri: There is never a tomorrow. No one in the world has seen tomorrow. Whenever you look, it is always today. Tomorrow is the reason of difficulty. Yesterday means the time that has passed. Yesterday means the past. So there is no need at all to worry about tomorrow.

Questioner: So then why do you buy tickets in advance?

Dadashri: That is an ‘evidence’. Sometimes, it may not even come true. Don’t you make plans, for example, that you want to go to Mumbai on the 25th and to Vadodara on the 28th? You have that in your vision. You do not see very clearly through that vision. You see it through a “blurry” vision. In the exact vision, You can remain still and “see” clearly. The rule is that you will have a clear vision up to a certain ‘boundary’, and if you go beyond that, then for the time being you will stumble. Do not look at what you do not need to. If you keep looking at the clock, you are bound to trip over. Therefore, through this vision, look only at a certain distance ahead of you as you walk.

When there is no such thing as tomorrow, then what is the point? The present time is the now, and the time gone by is yesterday, which is the past. Not even a fool would go looking for the past, and tomorrow is in the hands of scientific circumstantial evidence (vyavasthit). Therefore, remain only in the present; just stay in the present time which is now.

Reference: Book Name: Aptavani 4 (Page #252- Paragraph #1 to #5, Page #253- Paragraph #1)

Bliss is lost by entering into the future

There is happiness in the present, which is infinite happiness. This happiness is ruined, by thinking about the future. Therefore, one is not able to enjoy even this happiness, and the future too is ruined. So we have to say, ‘Everything about the future is in the hands of vyavasthit’. Now, what is the point in worrying about something that is not under your control?  Many things that may be under my control, then you say that, ‘It is under Dada’s control, why should I worry?’ Similarly, why should you worry about that which is under the control of vyavasthit? Have you all experienced this? It is exact vyavasthit. What is going to happen in the next moment is in the hands of vyavasthit. So let go of your future worries.

All these friends of yours are bothered by worries of the future. ‘If this happens then that happens!’ People say, ‘We have to think about the future, don’t we?’  Hey, but you only have to think about the upcoming 3-4 days. Do you have to think about 20 years from now? Right now, your daughter is only three years old. It would be understandable if she was twenty-two. Worrying about the future causes so many problems. Who knows whether she or you are even going to live or die? Why are you worrying about that now?  But he worries, ‘Oh! I’ll need money and I’ll need such and such for her marriage!’ Hey! You can see to all that when the time comes; at least enjoy your self today!

Reference: Dadavani November 2005 (Page #13 - Paragraph #11 & #12, Page #14 - Paragraph #1)

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