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Questioner: What should one do to make progress towards the Soul?


Dadashri: One should maintain an exclusive foundation of honesty. This faith is such that when one finds himself in a difficult situation, the inner energy and power (of the Soul) will express.When he is not in a bind, and there is plenty of money around, there is no scope for the manifestation of these inner energies of the Soul. Honesty is the only way. It will not happen with devotional worship of the Lord either. If a person does a lot of bhakti but does not have honesty as his deep inner intent, there is no meaning in what he does. He must have honesty in his devotion. With such a base a human will become a human again. He will reincarnate again into a human form. Those who cheat and deceive others or covet other people's wealth and wives are all doomed to take a birth in the animal kingdom. No one can change this. Their behaviour here naturally binds their birth there. In the animal kingdom, there is no such thing as having one wife. Every female belongs to all the other animals. Here married men are not supposed to look at other women lustfully, but this has become a habit with them and so they will be able to fulfil their desires when they go there into the animal kingdom. He will take this enjoyment for one or two lives there (as an animal) and then will straighten up and return to a human life. The entry into the animal kingdom moulds him so that he becomes fit for a human birth again. After entering the human life he needs to mould further until he is ready for liberation. There is no liberation for the crooked!

There is no problem if you earn money honestly and ethically. You are hurting only yourself if you bring money by dishonest means. When you die that money will be left behind because Nature will confiscate it. Moreover, in your next life you will still have to suffer the inevitable consequences of your actions.

Even if a man does not worship God, as long as he is ethical, it is enough. What is the point of worshipping God but living a dishonest life? It is meaningless. Even so we cannot make such a statement because people may stop worshipping God altogether and indulge in increasing dishonesty. The rewards are good if one is honest and ethical.

In this world happiness is to be found where there is complete ethical adherence. There is happiness for the one who maintains absolute ethics in his every worldly interaction. Happiness is also to be found in a person who lives for others and serves others. But this happiness is worldly in nature; it is temporary and illusionary.

Display the following statements prominently in your shop:
1) Enjoy the present - do not worry about what is not in front of you.
2) The Fault is of the sufferer
3) Dishonesty is the best foolishness.

There is nothing lacking in this world. In this world there is everything. Is there not a saying: 
'Sakal padartha hay jagmahi, bhaagyaheen nar pavat nahi'
'In this world there is everything, He who has not the fortune will acquire it not'

Therefore whatever you can imagine, you can find in this world but you will only find these things if you have not created obstacles against them.

You need to have an unflinching honesty. God is not free to lend a hand. He is not free to give help to anyone. If your intentions are sincere and honest then they will indeed prove fruitful.

People claim: 'God helps those who are true', but it is not so. If God helps those who are true, then what becomes of those who are untrue? Is God prone to partiality then? Surely God must maintain impartiality at all times? God does not really help anyone; in fact God would not meddle in this way. Happiness is experienced upon merely remembering God. What is the reason behind this? It is because God is the main thing within and that is your real nature and that is why you feel happy upon simply taking His name. You reap the benefit of His bliss. Otherwise God does not do anything. He never gives nor takes. And besides, he has nothing to give anyway.

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