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How to deal with recession? ..What is nature of money?

Questioner: What should we do when times are tough and there is no money coming in?

Dadashri: When rain does not fall for an entire year, the farmers cry and say that they are ruined. The rains return the next year and their financial position improves. So when times are tough, patience is necessary. Decrease your expenses and with hard work and frugal economy pass your time. Do this only during the tough period. When the going is good you do not have to do anything.


At such difficult times, give this body the necessary food. It does not demand anything else. Also if needed, recite these three mantras, the Trimantra, for an hour daily. When you do this, your life situation will improve. For thousands of people, the difficulties and obstructions in life have been eliminated by the name 'Dada Bhagwan', recited with understanding.

What is the nature of money? Money means pain in earning, pain in protecting, pain in spending. When a hundred thousand rupees arrive at home, the pain of protecting it begins. The search for the bank that will not disappear starts, and then some relatives and friends come to know about it and they pester you for loans and gifts. My buddy, do you not have this much trust for me? All I want is a mere ten thousand, and you have to give when you are pestered enough. So the pain exists when there is excess and when there is scarcity. It is best when it is just normal. Otherwise there is pain when spending.

People do not know how to take care of money nor do they know how to enjoy it. They complain about how expensive things are even while they are enjoying them. The fools! Why not enjoy what you have peacefully? People have to work to make money in an environment that makes them miserable. Many people will not return the money they owe, so there is suffering in earning money and suffering in safekeeping it also.Even when extreme care is taken in protecting the money in the bank, it does not remain there. A bank account means credit and debit, coming and going. Anguish results when money leaves.

Many have become rich by evading income taxes. They have hidden millions from the government. They do not know that this money will leave someday. When the fines and demands come from the income tax department, where will they go? This is all a trap, nothing else. These persons who have risen up this way carry so much danger with them, but are unaware of it.They are all involved in schemes to avoid income taxes all day and this meditation of theirs is indeed the return ticket to an animal life form.

Life of making money is like that of an ox running circles around the stone mill to crush castor oil seeds. The farmer gives a bunch of fodder for the toil to the ox, and here the wife gives the plate of food for the toil of the day. No difference.

These big shots of Ahmedabad are owners of two or more cotton mills, yet their suffering is beyond description here. They are under constant tension of these mills not performing or shutting down. They passed in the educational school well, but have failed in the school of life. This is because they have adopted the best foolishness. Dishonesty is the best foolishness.There has to be a limit to foolishness, do you not think so? Yet here they have crossed the limit.

I have analyzed the nature of money from all aspects.How much money can a person accumulate? I came to the conclusion that no one has ever managed to remain the richest person in the world. People used to say that Ford was the richest man, but a few years later we heard that someone else was. What is the point to all this? The horse that wins the race gets the first prize, the second and third horse will get some recognition, but what about the horse that comes fourth? He just runs the race in vain, foaming at the mouth. I said 'Why do I enter this race course?' Why should one have to foam at the mouth unnecessarily? People enter this race to come first but instead they all lose the race. No body cares for these late arrivals.

Money is limited whereas people's demands are not.

Some people have an obsession for sex, some for pride, status and recognition; there are so many different types of obsessions. Some people are obsessed with money. They are constantly preoccupied with thoughts of money and ways of accumulating it. Preoccupation with money is a heavy obsession.

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