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How to deal with loss?

Questioner: I have incurred a tremendous loss in my business. What should I do? Should I close the business and start another? I have a lot of debts.


Dadashri: Losses incurred in a cotton trade cannot be recouped in a grocery trade. Losses incurred in a business can only be recouped from the same business and not through employment. Would you be able to recover losses of contract business from a beetle nut shop? Wounds can only heal in the trade in which they were incurred, the remedy only lies in the same trade. 

You have to maintain only the intent that you do not want to hurt anyone in the slightest degree. You should keep your intent pure that you want to clear all your debts. Money is the elelventh life energy, therefore do not retain anyone else's money. There is no problem if someone else has your money, but your goal should only be that you want to pay back every dime. First keep this goal in your awareness.

What is the law of worldly monetary transactions? Do not try to make up for your losses incurred in the stock market through a grocery business. Try to recoup your losses through the stock market only.

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