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I am tired being angry. How to get rid of anger?

Some people ask how they can get rid of their anger. When they tell me that they try to suppress it, I ask them whether they are trying to suppress it before or after they understand it. I tell them that they must understand anger first, because anger and peace coexist. If one fails to understand anger and tries to suppress it, he may be suppressing peace instead, so peace will die. Therefore, anger is not something that one can suppress. One has to understand that anger is ego. Analyze the ego that causes the anger.

If this child breaks something valuable and we get angry, what kind of ego is it? It is the kind of ego that tells us that we have incurred a loss from the breakage. Here the ego is of profit and loss. We have to think about how we will go about destroying this kind of ego. Otherwise by harboring the ego, the anger will continue. Anger and greed at their very core, are really only ego.

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