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Do you want freedom from anger? - Acquire Self Realization!

You are not the one making things happen. It is the kashayas, the weaknesses within you of anger, pride, attachment, and greed that run everything. Only the rule of these kashayas prevails. When you acquire the knowledge of your real Self, these kashayas leave. When one gets angry, he feels remorse but of what use is it if he does not know how to do pratikraman? One is freed when he knows how to do pratikraman.

How long can these kashayas last? The kashayas will remain as long as one believes; 'I am Chandulal.' This belief gives support to the sense that the kashayas are his, 'I am angry, I am unhappy etc.'

It is when one attains the awareness, 'I am pure Self' that the sense of 'I am Chandulal' is broken and the kashayas are destroyed. Without this awareness all efforts to remove kashayas, in fact perpetuate them. When one's anger is controlled through his ego, the ego increases and when greed is overcome with the ego, the ego increases.

*Chandulal =  Whenever Dadashri uses the name 'Chandulal' or the name of the person Dadashri is addressing, the reader should insert his or her name for exact understanding.

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