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How to advise teenagers?

Questioner: If someone is doing something wrong and you comment on his negative actions in order to help him but instead the comment hurts him, how can that problem be solved?

Dadashri: There is no problem in cautioning him, but you should know how to do it.

Questioner: How should we tell him?


Dadashri: If you tell your son, 'You are a donkey. You have no sense,' his ego will be hurt. Does he also not have an ego? If your boss were to tell you the same words at work, how would you feel? You cannot use such words. You should know how to caution him.

Questioner: How should we do it?

Dadashri: Sit down with him and tell him gently that civilized and respectable people do not do such things. Talk to him gently and lovingly. But instead what you do is beat him and scold him. How can this be acceptable?

Without love there can be no solutions. Even when you grow a plant, you have to nurture it with love. Merely pouring water over it and shouting at it will not do it. If done with love, if you talk to it with love, it will give you nice big flowers! So imagine how much more it can affect humans!

Questioner: But what do I have to do?

Dadashri: If your telling him does not produce any results, then you should stop. We are being foolish because we do not know how to say things and if so, we should stop. We lose our peace of mind and spoil our life to come. Who would do such a thing?

Not a single person can be improved in this era of the current time cycle. How can a person improve others while he himself is so full of faults? When he himself is full of weaknesses, how can he improve others? To improve others one needs strength. Here only love is needed.

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