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Why there is failure in love these days?

Questioner: These days, boys and girls fall in love because of infatuation and attraction. Do they fail because of this illusionary love?

failure in love

Dadashri: Yes, it is only because of illusion and infatuation. One sees a beautiful face, and falls in love. But this is not love. Now if there were a boil on that face, one would not even go near her. If the boil were to remain on her face for twelve months or so, he would not want to see her face and his illusion of love disappears altogether. Real love on the other hand, would not disappear even if there were numerous boils. So look for this kind of love, otherwise do not get married at all or else you will be trapped.

A man appreciates his wife when she talks sweetly to him but when she pouts he says he does not like to look at her face. You foolish man, 'It is precisely because of that sweet face that you were attracted and now you are repulsed by the bitter look on it! This is the same face that you had loved before!'

Questioner: But that is infatuation and attraction, is it not?

Dadashri: All of it is infatuation and attraction. What was 'liked is now repulsive, what was loved is now not loved.' Thus they go on and on. This is how they quarrel. Of what use is this kind of love?

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