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How do I stop my child from stealing?


A youngster has turned into a thief and he steals at every opportunity. He even steals from guests who come to his house. Now what lesson should we teach this boy? We should tell him to ask Dada Bhagwan (the Lord within) to give him the strength not to steal. People may question what good it does to ask for strength when he continues to steal. Let him steal as long as he asks for the strength to not steal. Only I know the effect this remedy has on him. What do you know about how this medicine works?

Questioner: It is true that people have no idea about how this medicine works, and that is why they do not realize the benefits in asking for strength.

Dadashri: What is the significance of asking for strength? First of all, his asking for the strength to stop stealing means that his opinion about, "There is nothing wrong in stealing," has changed to that of, "Stealing is wrong." This change of opinion is the greatest achievement.

Once his opinion changes, he ceases to be nature's offender.

Secondly, by asking for strength from the Lord within, he achieves the ultimate state of humility. When he earnestly and sincerely asks, "Oh Lord, grant me the strength to…," he is guaranteed strength by God. He will grant it to everyone, but first one must ask and know what to ask for. Keep asking. You never ask for a thing. Do you understand why you should ask for strength?

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