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How to guide children towards education?

A man complained to me about his nephew who would always wake up late every morning. This habit of his was very disruptive for everyone else in the household. He wanted me to reprimand his nephew. I told him that I would not do that, but I would make him understand. I spoke with the nephew and told him to pray for the strength to wake up early and I blessed him. I told the rest of the family members to be kind to him and to offer him an extra blanket if he needed it. I told them not to make fun of him. Within six months of this conversation, they began to see positive changes in him. 

Questioner: Today's children seem to be more interested in playing, than their schoolwork. How can we guide them towards education without creating any conflict?

Dadashri: Start a reward system. Tell them you will give them so much for getting good grades at school and passing all their exams. Give them some incentive. If they see immediate positive reinforcement they will seize the opportunity. Another approach is to love them unconditionally. If you give them love they will do what you tell them. Children readily listen to me and will do whatever I tell them. We should always try our best to give them the right understanding. We should never give up on them. We should make all the efforts. After that whatever they do is correct and you should accept that it was meant to be.

Questioner: My main question was how we should get them to understand the importance of education. They still do not listen to us.

Dadashri: That is because you do not know how to be a mother, otherwise why would they not listen? They refuse to listen because you yourself did not listen to your own parents.

Questioner: Is it also the effect of the cultural environment?

Dadashri: No, it is not the environment's fault whatsoever. It is because the parents do not know how to be parents. Being a parent is a greater responsibility than even that of a Prime Minister.

Questioner: How can that be?

Dadashri: If a Prime Minister does something wrong, he would hurt the country, but as a parent, if you were to do something wrong, it would hurt your own child. The children should be glad to see their parents as soon as they come home, but nowadays the children feel that it would be better if the father did not come home at all. What is one to do?

This is why I tell parents that after their child turns sixteen, they must interact with him as a friend would. They must speak to him in a friendly manner so that their words will be more appealing. The child will not heed his father if the father constantly asserts his role as a father. What would happen if he continues to do this even when the child turns forty?

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