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How to take care of your dying loved one?

Questioner: What should the extended family and those around, do when their loved one is about to die?

Caring For Your Dying Loved One

Dadashri: You have to be extremely careful when attending to the care of the one who is on his deathbed. Graciously accept everything that he utters. None of his sentences should be negated and all his requests should be fulfilled. Do everything to keep him happy, and even when he is mean, be kind in return. He may ask for some milk. Give it to him immediately. If he complains about the milk being too thin and watery, bring him a glass of good milk promptly. Do whatever it takes to make him comfortable.

Questioner: So there is no need to be concerned about what is right or wrong?

Dadashri: There is no such thing as right or wrong in this world. Continue to do what you are doing to keep him happy. Be gentle and patient with him as you would be with a child.

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