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What are the pitfalls in the path of liberation?

Two things do not exist in the path of moksha. One is thoughts about woman and the other is thoughts about money.

Religion does not exist where there are thoughts about woman or money. This world exists because of these two maya (illusions).

So it is wrong to look for religion there. But how many institutions run without money today?


Questioner: Not a single one.

Dadashri: People are not able to break free from this maya (illusion). Maya has entered even in the guru. This is the Kaliyug, so maya is bound to affect people, is it not? There can never be true religion where there is any exchange of money or thoughts about women. I am not talking about those living a worldly life (sansari), I am talking about the gurus and those whose preaching guides people; they should not have these two illusions. Otherwise, they have it, and the sansaris have it too! It should not be like that. And what is the third requirement? They should have samyak drashti (Self-realization).

So you should not linger wherever there is any sexual interaction or interaction with money. Look before you make someone your guru. Do not make him a guru if he has these flaws in character (charitra). Even the slightest flaw in these matters is not acceptable. It does not matter if he travels in cars, but he should not fail in his interaction with women. There is no problem even if he has pride and he becomes happy when others revere him. We can pardon all these things as long as he is decent and upright in his dealings with women. This is most important in one's moral character.

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