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What is the need for Guru?

Questioner: I walk along the path shown by the guru. Thereafter, do I need him? Alternatively, do I need to leave him?

Dadashri: No, he is necessary until the very end.    

Questioner: Why do we need him afterwards?


Dadashri: You do not have accidents because you have brakes in your car. Should you remove the brakes?

Questioner: What is the need of hanging on to him once he shows me the way?

Dadashri: You will need a guru until the very end. The guru needs his own guru. When do we need school teachers? Don't you need them when you wish to become educated? And what if you do not want to study? If you do not want to benefit from anything then there is no point in making someone your guru, but if you wish to benefit, then you need to have a guru. It is not mandatory; it is voluntary. If you want to learn, you need a teacher. If you want to know about spirituality, then you need a guru, and if you do not wish to know anything, then it does not matter. There is no law that says you have to do it this way.

Here, even if you want to go to the station, you need a guru. Therefore, won't you need a guru for religion? You need a guru at every level.

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