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What is the definition of discipleship? What qualities should the disciple have?

Questioner: So what kind of qualities should the disciple have in order to have a guru?

Dadashri: How can there be good qualities in a disciple during these times? Who is worthy of being called a disciple? He would be someone whose faith in the guru would remain unshaken even if the guru acts crazy. When the guru acts crazy, even then the disciple does not lose faith in him. That is the quality of a disciple. Does that ever happen to you?


Questioner: As yet, that kind of situation has not occurred.

Dadashri: What would you do if it were to occur?

Yes, when you place your faith in your guru, do it in such a way that you will never have to take it away after you have placed it. If not, you should not place that faith in the first place.

Just yesterday, you looked upon him as your guru, but when the guru started acting crazy, you shouted obscenities at him. You lashed out with all sorts of abuses. Hey you! Why did you place your faith in him in the first place? And if you once accepted him, then stop abusing him. Until now, you took care of a tree; you gave it water and nurtured it and now you are cutting it down!

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