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What causes anger in relationship?

Questioner: What is the main reason behind a man's anger?

Dadashri: He loses sight. When one does not see the wall, he bumps into it. In the same way, he cannot see from within, which is why anger occurs. When he cannot see what lies ahead of him, anger overcomes him.

When does anger take place? It is when one's vision (darshan) becomes obscured, and his knowledge (gnan) is obstructed, that his anger arises. The same happens when a person is overcome with pride.

Questioner: Please illustrate this point with an example.

Dadashri: Do people not ask you why you get angry? You would tell them that it was because you could not think clearly. Yes it is when people cannot think clearly that they get angry. Would they get angry if they were able to think? How are you rewarded when you get angry? First the sparks set you on fire and then you burn others.

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