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How to get rid of anger?

At one time people were taught to have compassion, practice fairness and forgiveness, but nowadays how can they have these qualities when they keep getting angry?

I would tell these people that whenever they get angry, they should repent from within. They should know the weakness within them, which prompts their anger. They should accept their mistake and feel remorse. If they have a guru, they should seek help from him. They should make a firm resolve to never let their weakness overcome them again. They should not defend their anger and they should do pratikraman for it. They should make a note of when, where, and with whom they became angry during the day and they should do pratikraman for it.

What should one do in pratikraman? If one's anger hurts another person, he must recall the Soul within that person and ask to be forgiven. He should ask forgiveness for his actions and vow never to do it again. Aalochana is confession of your mistake. When you confess your mistakes to me, you are doing aalochana.

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