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How to deal with anger in husband wife relationship ?

Questioner: When we have conflicting opinions with our friends or with our family or when things do not go our way, we get angry. Why do we become angry? And what should we do about it?

Dadashri: Why do you even think about having your own way? What would happen if everyone did as they pleased? Instead you should think what would happen if everyone around you were stubborn and unyielding. You should never try to make things go your way. If you do not have any expectations, you will not go wrong. Anyone with expectations can be stubborn if he wants to. This is how you should look at it.

Questioner: No matter how hard we try to remain silent, what should we do when the men get angry?

Dadashri: If you want to start a quarrel, then you should also get angry. And if not, then you should just remain silent. What use is anger to you? The person himself does not get angry. Anger is the effect of a "mechanical adjustment," which is why he later regrets it and wishes it never happened.

Questioner: What should I do to calm him?

Dadashri: When a machine gets too hot, you must leave it alone for a while and in a short time it will cool down. But if you keep meddling with it, you will get burnt.

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