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Where to donate?

A man wanted to donate money and he came to me for advice. I realized that this man had no idea about how to give donations. He was sincere and good at heart and had the money. People still need advice. He had just built a bungalow and a movie theatre. He had also donated about one hundred and twenty-five thousand rupees to his hometown. I told him that if he had the money, he should give towards the printing of one Aptavani (Dadashri's books on Akram Vignan, which will eventually have 14 volumes). He said that he had no idea about giving this way and that no one had explained it to him before. He became very enthusiastic about it and made a commitment to have the books printed that very month. I told him there was no rush. 


There are many such people who want to donate money but do not know how. They often ask me for advice. I do not say anything to those who already know how and where to give to charity because it would upset them. As such we are not desperate for money. Give only if you have extra to give, because there is no charity like gnan daan in this world! When a person reads a book about Gnan, it will bring about tremendous changes from within. So if you have the money, you should give towards gnan daan. If you don't have the money, that is fine too, because we don't really need the money.

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