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What are anonymous donations?

Questioner: The one who has the Self as the goal, has no value for pride and fame.

Dadashri: Fame is very destructive. As a person progresses along the spiritual path, fame is inevitable, but a true aspirant has no desire for it. Although people admire the brilliance and the beauty of a diamond, the diamond remains unaffected. Despite the fact that fame is detrimental, in the worldly life fame  is what people covet and it is to fulfill this very desire that they donate to schools and hospitals. Once they receive recognition, they are satisfied. Some will even say, for appearance sake, they want the donation to be kept anonymous, while their inner intent is fame.

Only a very few people truly donate anonymously, other than that everyone is hungry for fame. People praise and speak very highly of those who donate money. This public adoration is the donor's reward. The donor reaps the reward of his action in this very life, whereas the one who gives anonymously will reap his reward in his next life. The reward is inevitable whether one accepts it or not.

You should give according to your own wishes. All these are merely worldly interactions. It starts with pressure from those who are out to collect donations. This is followed by the ceremony of appreciation by garlands, speeches etc. Then the person writes a big check.

Donations, however, should be made anonymously and secretly. Do the Marvadis not give anonymously? Without anyone knowing, they secretly deposit it near the Lord, and reap vast harvests in their next life.


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