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What is relation between money and charity?

Questioner: So is there no place for the charity of money in these four major categories?

Dadashri: The charity of money is included in gnan daan. When money is used to print books that impart knowledge, it is gnan daan.

Questioner: Isn't everything being done through money anyway? We need money even to give donation of food.

Dadashri: Yes, money is needed even to donate medicine. Money is needed for everything, but a donation of money for gnan daan is the highest.


Charity for Gnan daan 

Here we are only printing books and we are certain that we will acquire financing for it. There are nimits for this and they will show up in due time. We do not have to call on people and ask for money, besides if we ask them for money they will feel bad and may even be taken aback if we tell them how much money is needed. In our path, the cardinal rule is that we hurt no one, and if it happens, then we have overstepped our boundaries. We cannot ask for anything from anybody. We can only take their money if they give willingly. We can only accept a person's money if he understands gnan daan. So those who have given thus far have all given with the understanding of gnan daan. They give of their own volition. We have never asked anyone for it.  

Your money will shine if it is used to print these books of Gnan, but this will only happen if you have the punya. The books only get printed if the money is good money. If it not, the circumstances for printing them will never arise and the books will never be printed. 

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