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How to make good use of money?

Questioner: If a person makes a million dollars because of his merit karmas, should he give to the poor or should he spend it on himself?

Dadashri: The money should be spent in such a way that it does not hurt anyone in his family. First he should ask his family members whether they have any financial difficulties, and if they tell him no, then he has fulfilled his duty. If they have financial problems, then he has to take care of that first. He should do at least this much. 

Questioner: But he should spend it towards a good cause, surely?

Dadashri: Yes, he should spend all the rest towards a good cause. Whatever he uses for his own home goes to waste and the money he donates will create a safe-side for his next life. He cannot take the money with him, but at least he can use it to secure a safe-side for himself. 

Questioner: But in a way it is the same as taking it with him!

Dadashri: Yes, but only that which creates a safe-side for you is worth taking with you. So use the money in such a way that it makes others happy. That is your safe-side.

Questioner: What is the proper use of money?

Dadashri: When it is used for the benefit of humanity, or for God, it is good use of money

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