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How to make good use of money?

Questioner: Suppose due to merit karma, someone has accumulated hundreds of thousands of rupees, then should he distribute it to people who are impoverished or should he use it for himself?

Dadashri: No, he should use that money in such a way that the family members do not become unhappy. He should ask the family members, “You don’t have any [financial] difficulty, do you?” If they reply, “No, we do not,” then that is his limit to use the money. So then he should do so accordingly.

Questioner: It should be used for a good cause, shouldn’t it?

Dadashri: All money should be used for a good cause. Money used for the home will all go down the gutter. So, when it is used in other places, it creates a ‘safe-side’ [safeguard; safety] for you yourself. Yes, you can’t take it with you from here [into the next life], but you can create a ‘safe-side’ in another way.

Questioner: But in a way, that can be considered the same as taking it with you, isn’t it!

Dadashri: Yes, it is indeed like taking it with you, for your ‘safe-side’. So, use it in a way that it gives happiness to others. All of that is your ‘safe-side’.


Questioner: What is considered good use of money?

Dadashri: When you use it for the benefit of people or for God, that is considered good use of money.

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