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How to donate? How to give to charity?

Worrying that your money will be used up cannot preoccupy you. Whatever money is spent is fine. The spending of money is encouraged because it destroys your greed and allows you to keep giving.


Upyoga is awareness. When you do something auspicious or give to charity, give with the awareness and intent that others will benefit from your donation. Give anonymously in order to avoid fame. That is called giving with awareness! That is called upyoga. There are some people who refuse give again if they did not receive any recognition or publicity for their donation. Even when you do good deeds, you must maintain awareness. This awareness must be focused on what will be beneficial to you in this life and the life to come. That is called awareness. If this awareness is not there, then despite giving charity or service to others, everything you do will be done in sleep (ignorance). All of your deeds will go to waste. If you give with the desire of being recognized for your benevolence, then that too goes to waste. Awareness is when you have an understanding of what is beneficial and what is detrimental for you. How can one claim to have awareness if he continues to give charity and yet has no idea what his next life entails?

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