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Why To Help Others ?

Questioner: I had been wondering as to why should we help  or serve people ? Please advice.


Dadashri: You will not incur any loss or experience any obstacles in life if it is spent serving and obliging others. All your wishes will be fulfilled providing you remain free from interference and restlessness, but if you do not, then none of your wishes will be fulfilled. Restlessness will not allow you to sleep at night. These wealthy businessmen are not able to sleep for days because all they have done throughout their lives is cheat and rob people.

So be obliging. If you are going somewhere, ask people if you can run an errand for them while you are out. What is wrong in asking? Someone may tell you that they don't trust you, so in that case, ask for their forgiveness. Those who do trust you, be sure to help them.

I am telling you this because even as a young man I had an obliging nature. At the age of twenty-five my friends used to call me a 'superhuman.'

Who do you call a human? A human is one that gives and takes equally. He will give happiness to those who make him happy and bestow misery upon those who cause him misery. This kind of dealing is a characteristic of a human being.

Those who take away happiness of others go into the animal form in the next life. Those who give happiness and take happiness will remain as humans. Those who give away their own happiness to others are superhuman and will be born as celestial beings.

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