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Keep Strong Intentions to Help People

Questioner:  I want to help others, but I do not have enough money to help. Please advice.

Dadashri: Do any of the fruit trees eat their own fruits? No. These trees teach human beings to give their fruits to others. When you do this, nature in turn will reward you. The Neem tree is very bitter, yet people grow it because of its many benefits; otherwise, they would uproot it. It is beneficial in many ways: it is cooling to the body, it has medicinal value and its extracts have healing properties. In Satyug (past time cycle characterized by unity in thoughts, speech and acts), people strived only to make others happy. They would be constantly thinking of ways to oblige others.

More important than a person's external actions of obliging others are his internal intents (bhaav) to help. This intention should always be present. If you have the money, your intention should be to use it to lessen someone else's misery. If you have such knowledge, use it to explain things to people to alleviate their misery. Help Others with whatever assets you have. If you cannot do this, at least maintain an obliging nature. What is an obliging nature? It is to Help Others.

Your nature would be beautiful if you maintained an obliging nature. Simply giving away money is not considered an obliging nature. Whether you have money to give away or not, your intentions should be to Help Others. You should at least have intentions to help those who come to you. To donate money or not depends on your ability to do so.


You do not oblige others by simply giving them money. Giving money is dependent upon a person's ability to give. All you have to do is make sure that you have the constant internal intent to oblige others.

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