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How to Be Happy in Life ?

Questioner: How does one go about making his life simple and ideal?

Dadashri: Maintain an obliging nature. Give to others whatever you have. In this manner, your life will become ideal and harmonious (satvik). Have you ever done this? Do you like an obliging nature?

Questioner: I have, to a certain degree.

Dadashri: The more obliging in nature you are, the more you will benefit. Continue to be obliging and Help Others in any way that you can. You can help someone financially, run errands for people, give clothing to the needy, etc.

Lord Mahavir says, 'Use your mind, speech, body and Soul (worldly self) for others. If then you experience any pain, let me know.'


Religion begins with an obliging nature. Happiness is found in giving to others. But instead people tend to take away from others. Do not do anything for yourself. When you do for others, you will not have to do anything for yourself.

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