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Help Everyone: Good or Bad People

Questioner: Nowadays, people bite the hand that feeds them. If you try to help someone, they steal from you. 

Dadashri: Let your pocket be picked. When that happens, it is your past account that is being settled. But if you comfort someone now, you will definitely be rewarded and I will give you a one hundred percent written guarantee for this. I must have given to others previously and that is why I have so much happiness right now. My business is only to give happiness to others. We do not want shops of unhappiness. Those who want to, can come and collect their happiness and those that come to make us unhappy, we should willingly accept it because we must have some pending accounts which we can now settle. Accept whatever they give you. You get what is due to you; otherwise nobody would bother you. 


So give happiness to everyone. If you hurt someone and make him unhappy, he may bind revenge against you. They will wait for the opportunity to get back at you. Don't you hear about someone killing someone with a knife? That person had been waiting to take his revenge. People who take revenge do not do so just for the sake of it; they are avenging themselves for the pain they were subjected to in the past. This is revenge in operation.

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