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Does Humanitarian Leads to Liberation?

Questioner: How is the path to liberation superior than the path of service to humanity? Can you please explain this?


Dadashri: If you ask a person who serves humanity what he is, he would tell you that he is a humanitarian, would he not?

Questioner: Yes, he would.

Dadashri: So to say, 'I am a humanitarian and I Help Others,' is egoism, but if I ask this man (The person to whom Dadashri is referring is Self-Realized by attaining Self-Realization Ceremony) here who he is, he would tell you that, 'For the world I am 'Chandubhai,' (Name of a person) and, in fact, 'I am a pure Soul." To say this, is the absence of ego.

The ego of a humanitarian is for a good cause, but it is ego nevertheless. If one's ego is for a bad deed, he would be called a devil! And if the ego was for a good cause, then he would be called a divine person. Ego is ego. Ego makes one wander aimlessly, life after life. A person can experience liberation, right here, the moment his ego is gone.

To Know 'Who am I' is the Ultimate Religion

Questioner: What should any human being do? What should be his dharma (duty, obligation, religion)?

Dadashri: Whatever he does is verily his dharma. One says, 'I am doing this,' and, therefore, it is egoism. From here on, one should try to find the answer to the question, 'Who am I?' You should make the effort to understand this so that all the puzzles of life will be solved and, thereafter, no new puzzles will arise. Once this happens, You will become independent.

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