To Perceive An Addiction As A Problem Is The Foremost Thing!

Today, we are seeing how prevalent the drug culture is, in the film industry. The top celebrities, who happened to be the global icons for the youth, and who have influenced people’s life in many which ways, are dreading a tarnished image today in the eyes of their fans, thanks to their addiction of drugs!

By turning towards drugs and alcohol, least did these stars realize how years of hard work and talent they put, in rising to stardom and rule the hearts of people to grow towards their goal, could get to the verge of all being totally washed off in matter of moments! What they may have started off for some exciting experience of fun, soon spiraled into a messy dependency and a bad name in return.

But even today, if such dark episode in life helps one perceive that addiction is the real problem that led me to a sharp fall, and not anything else, it is a remarkable feat!

To Work The Way Out Of The Problem Is The Next Logical Thing…

Now, once one regards the addiction as a problem, the next step is about how do we cure the problem? Let’s understand…

We often try curbing the bad habit with force. But consequently, when our mind revolts and starts screaming, we tend to give in to what the mind says. Curbing the mind when there’s an urgent urge to smoke could lead us to smoking double in course of time. For example, if I run away from the habit of smoking by trying to forcefully control it, very often I will eventually give in and may become a chain smoker, a little later.

So, what do we do then? How do we get out of this vicious cycle?

Four Ways to Overcome Addiction

There is a most practical 4-step solution that works at the subtlest level of mind in order to come out of any kind of addiction or vice. Let us study this solution, assuming there’s an addiction of smoking.

  1. DETERMINE - Make a strong determination to come out of the habit of smoking. It should be apparent to our mind that we are against the habit of smoking.
  2. ANALYZE - The next step is to analyze the reasons why it is wrong to smoke. We’ll create a list of the ill-effects of smoking in each and every way. This will highlight the dangerous effects of smoking which gives our mind a clear understanding of ‘how smoking is actually harmful to me and my whole well being.’ This understanding will help counter our mind’s thoughts that have been in favor of smoking.
  3. PRATIKRAMAN - Asking for forgiveness (from whichever God you follow) is called Pratikraman. This is the proven weapon that cuts the veils of addiction. It implies that you are against the bad habit and thereby washes away your opinions in favor of smoking. Thus, pratikraman helps us get rid of our opinions that promote the habit of smoking and calms the intellect.
  4. NO PROTECTON - When someone points out our mistake or complains about how bad our addiction is, we should never protect it. Defensive answers like “What is wrong with it? I smoke just 1 cigar?” or “I used to smoke 10 cigars a day. Now I just have one” should be avoided. What is wrong with it? – gives encouragement to our bad habit and hence we can never end up quit smoking. Therefore, we should never protect our mistake ever and should genuinely accept it when someone points it out to us. In this way, we will gradually come out of our addiction.

To conclude, your determination, your understanding, asking for forgiveness and never protecting your bad habit or fault will surely help you to overcome it. Also, if you are lucky enough to enjoy having the company of the Enlightened One, the one who is devoid of any addiction; it will prove to be most beneficial for your overall being, the entire life.

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