What is karma? Karma, as a word, has been used very loosely. If you are reading this page, it’s likely that you are one amongst thousands who is truly seeking the right understanding of this misunderstood word – "Karma".

You are possibly here to understand how our intentions, motives, desires and the emotional drive with which we conduct our actions have an effect on our lives and how they are related to the term “Karma”.

The karma meaning in Sanskrit is to perform a deed or action. It includes actions that we do, not only through our body, but also through speech and mind.

  • Some have referred to karma meaning an echo of the past and also say it creates the future.
  • Common acts like going to work, good deeds, charity, etc. also define karma in general.
  • However, Revered Dadashri, who has attained the knowledge of Self, gives a deeper insight on what is karma and explains that those acts are actually fruits of karma bound in one’s previous life. Thus, whatever you see externally in the current life are all the fruits of one’s inner intents of one’s past life.


A brief video in which Pujya Niruma explains the unique science of how karma (our actions) of entire life is bound.

Would you be surprised if you learned that…?

  • The reason for continuing in the cycle of birth and death is Karma.
  • The experiences of pain and pleasure are the results of Karma that has been charged or collected in the past life.
  • One negative deed does NOT get offset by another positive deed; both will deliver their results individually.
  • After attaining the knowledge of Self, you can be engaged in normal activities, stay in a blissful state, not bind any karma meaning, you will attain full enlightenment eventually.
  • One attains final liberation (moksha) only when all Karmas are destroyed.

Revered Dadashri, through very simple language, gives us the following key understandings on the theory of Karma:

  • Fruits of Karma are not punishment or retribution, but simply, consequences of our inner intents.
  • The seeds of Karma are sown in the past life and give their fruits in this life. Who gives the fruits of these Karmas? God? No. Karma meaning that it ripens into our experiences when the appropriate conditions come together. It is given by nature, which Dadashri refers to as ‘Scientific Circumstantial Evidences’ (Vyavasthit Shakti).
  • The key reasons for charging of Karma are the inner intent behind the action and ignorance of the Self.

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We are our own Karmic projection:

Everything that one encounters is one’s own design; nobody else is responsible for it. For endless lives, one has been responsible, wholly and solely.

A lot of people recognize that whatever they experience is their own projection. As a result, they try to change that projection, but are unsuccessful. This is because the projection is not solely in their hands. Talks about changing the projection are correct, but does one have the independent ability to do so?

Yes, one does, however, only to a limited extent. The major portion of this control is not in your hands. Only after attaining the true knowledge of Self, does one become independent; but until then, it is not quite so.

If this is the case, then…

  • How do I use this knowledge to achieve my goals?
  • Can I purify or unwind negative imprints of Karma before they come into fruition?
  • Can I continue doing my normal activities, not bind new Karmas, and yet be able to experience the blissful state of the Self?
  • Is there an easy and practical way to liberate myself from karmic bondages from endless past lives?

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Get started on this spiritual journey to eternal bliss


Understanding the theory of Karma will help to understand its science and mechanism. But the Question would remain:

How to get started on this journey towards liberation?

The essential step to get started on this spiritual journey to eternal bliss is to discover your True Self by attending the Gnan Vidhi, a 2-hour scientific process of Self-Realization.

In Dadashri’s words:

“Once you come into the nature of the Self, no new karma will bind. This happens when the Gnani Purush makes you aware of your own True Self. After that, new karmas do not bind and old karmas continue to discharge. When all the karmas have discharged, you will attain final liberation.”

People from different walks of life, whether searching for solutions to day-to-day problems or permanent bliss, have gained contentment in their quest of life after having been through the scientific process of Self Realization called Gnan Vidhi.

It has to be experienced to be believed!

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