Sambhavnath Bhagwan Stories: Exploring the Past and Last Births

Sambhavnath Bhagwan was the 3rd Tirthankara of the current time cycle. He had a golden complexion and his height was as tall as 400 Dhanush. His mother was Sena Devi and father was King Jitari of Shravasti. Trimukh Yaksh Dev is His Shaashan Dev and Duritari Yakshini is His Shaashan Devi, respectively. The Lord’s symbol is Horse.

Let’s now go through the life stories of the Lord’s past two births, prior to His birth as Tirthankara. Finally, we will go through the Sambhavnath Bhagwan story.

The Third-last Birth as King Vipulvahan and the Second-last Birth in the Heaven
The Last Birth as a Tirthankara
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