What are the qualities in a Gnani Purush (the awakened One)? He has the silent effective aura of heat of purity (pratap) just like that of the sun and saumyata (coolness and gentleness) like that of the moon. What qualities do people have? They have either pratap or they have saumyata. They cannot have both simultaneously. These two are contradictory qualities, but the Gnani Purush has both of these qualities simultaneously, saumyata and pratap.

There is no saumyata (coolness and gentleness) like that of a Sheelvan. So both of these qualities are manifest in a  Gnani Purush  - there is tremendous heat of purity and there is also tremendous coolness and gentleness.

A  Sheelvaan  (person with Sheel) will not feel Param Pujya Dadashri’s taap (heat, power). Sheelvaan means a man of ethical and moral conduct. In contrast, a person with a weak moral conduct, with a loose character will feel a lot of taap (heat).

Param Pujya Dadashri explained when someone becomes frightened by the mere sight of Him, He would understand precisely the type of stock there is within him. He recanted the story of a time when He was at home, and He pointed out, “Do you see that person climbing the stairs to come up, he will not be able to come here, he will turn back.” He will turn around and run away, just from the surrounding air! Why did he run away? Because he felt the heat (taap). This is because a person with a weak moral conduct would have felt Param Pujya Dadashri’s tremendous heat, which for him would have felt greater than the sun’s heat. The sun’s heat is alleviated even under a parasol, but the Gnani’s heat cannot be alleviated even under a thousand parasols! The emanation of His heat is felt intensely by such persons with weak moral conduct.

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